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Substitute Office 

Dallas Independent School District
9400 North Central Expressway
Suite 1400
Dallas, TX  75231
Phone: (972) 925-5420
Fax: (972) 925-4302

Become a Substitute Teacher!
Dallas ISD is dedicated to providing quality instruction for all of our students every day.  Our Substitute Office is recruiting more substitute teachers to make this happen!
Dallas ISD Substitute Teachers play an important role in improving student achievement. In addition, substitute teaching provides an opportunity to gain experience and see first-hand what it takes to be a successful teacher in Dallas ISD.
Substitute teacher candidates are required to have a bachelor's degree, but are not required to be certified.
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For more information about substitute teaching at Dallas ISD, click here.
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Hiring Process

All Substitute applicants follow the hiring process outlined below:

The Substitute Hiring Process  
 1.    Substitute Application –Applicants complete the current Substitute application found online at

 2.    Candidate Review - The Substitute Office reviews the submitted application and credentials to ensure applicants are qualified candidates for Dallas ISD.

 3.    Background Check - Candidates must have a clear background check (based on TEA approved fingerprints) before moving into the next phase of the hiring process.
*Please note, there may be a delay during this phase if the applicant does not have electronic fingerprints on file with DPS FACT Clearinghouse.

4.    Processing Date - Candidates are invited to schedule an appointment to finishing processing onsite at Human Capital Management:
    1. Candidates must bring required government issued identification. Please visit the following link for additional guidance:
    1. New Hire Forms must be completed

                                          i.    Applicant Data Record

                                         ii.    Direct Deposit

                                        iii.    Family Relationship Disclosure

                                       iv.    Federal I-9

                                        v.    Federal W-4

                                       vi.    Public Access Form

                                      vii.    SBEC Form

                                     viii.    Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security

                                       ix.    Summary of Benefit for Part-time Employees

  1. Orientation: The Substitute Office will schedule candidate for unpaid, mandatory orientation. Human Capital Management and/or the Substitute Office can waive Substitute Orientation if the applicant is an experienced certified teacher or administrator requested by a Division to fill an immediate absence/vacancy.
  1. Assignment: Candidates are hired and begin accepting Substitute assignments in Aesop.