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Victor H. Hexter Elementary School


Library Media Center Goals


Campus Vision:            As the future leaders of our community and country, our students will face complex challenges in the years to come. To meet these challenges, successful schools have changed their approach to education from a narrow focus on academic achievement to a broader approach that promotes the development of the whole child: a child who is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged in all areas of life. At Hexter, we are united in our vision of providing a well-balanced education of the highest quality through the development of students' bodies, hearts, and minds.


Campus Mission:          To ensure that each child develops the knowledge and skills required of successful future leaders, including mastery of rigorous and relevant academic content, commitment to healthy living, and qualities of character that exemplify respect, responsibility, and good citizenship.


Campus Academic Goals:            All students will perform at or above grade level

         90% of students meeting the minimum state standards on

                                                                       STAAR (3-5) and ITBS & ISIP (K-2)

         50% of students meeting the college-ready performance level on

                                                                       STAAR (3-5)

Media Center Goals:

·      Increase the collaborative effort between the library media center and faculty/staff

o   Use Curriculum Central to determine the vertical alignment between curriculum areas and the media center 

o   Meet with Grade Level designees to design lesson plans that reinforce key concepts and information literacy 

      ·       Implement and introduce Web 2.0 Technologies into the media center and school community

o   Create a Victor H. Hexter Media Center Wiki to provide information on trainings and activities associated within the media center

o   Update the Hexter Elementary School Website with current information for the school community

o   Provide training opportunities via staff development and small groups on Web 2.0 Tools

o   Continue to introduce students to the latest technology via iPad, iPod Touch, SMART Board, Document Camera


·       Increase Parental Involvement and support of the Hexter Media Center

o   Be visible in the school community and recruit parents/guardians who are interested in fostering a love of reading to all students

o   Plan collaboratively with Volunteer Bookfair Chairperson and Library Volunteer Chairperson for all activities such as Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) distributions, Fall & Spring Scholastic Bookfairs, Readers Are Leaders Celebrations

o   Keep the media center in the spotlight by writing articles for the Hexter Herald pertaining to Family Literacy afternoons on Wednesdays, etc.

          o   Publish a monthly newsletter with reading & technology tidbits

·       Increase Academic Rigor for all students in grades PreK-5

o   Provide training for teachers & students on accessing the Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader Program used for book reports (3-5)

o   Spotlight the various databases provided through Library Media Services such as Science Power, EBSCO, Culture Grams, etc. (PreK-5)

o   Collaborate with teachers on six-weeks projects and implementation of DOLs (PreK-5)

o   Support state and national standards by providing lessons which create critical thinkers (PreK-5)


·       Encourage activities that promote a love of reading

o   Continue the Hexter Hawk Book Club on Wednesdays afternoons (4-5)

o   Implement the Readers Are Leaders (PreK-2) and Texas Bluebonnet Reading Programs (3-5); Book It (K-5); Six Flags Six Hour Reading Club (PreK-5); TOP Reader (3-5)

o   Create and maintain Accelerated Reader Bulletin Board

o   Provide incentives (bookmarks, gift certificates, etc.) and six-weeks drawings for students that are academically responsible