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After-School(Extended Day) Program / Academies

The Stephen C. Foster Elementary after-school (Extended-day) program is provided for students who meet specific criteria. The application for this program will be provided to students shortly after the beginning of the new school year. Students who are participating must make sure to be at the designated area by 3:15.  Students must make sure to sign in each day.  Parents will pick up their students from a designated location, (typically the gym) and must sign for their child.   


Tutoring Program

Teachers may offer tutoring and enrichment opportunities as needed; however, two types of tutoring will be available for students during the school week.  The first type is Regular Before-school tutoring,which may be conducted by the classroom teacher of record.  Regular before-school tutoring should be scheduled Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 – 7:40. All K-5 teachers with students needing extra will contact parents for more information. 


AMI/ARI(Accelerated Math Instruction / Accelerated Reading Instruction) tutoring should begin shortly after we receive formative data indicating a learning gap and once these funds are made available.  AMI/ARI tutoring may be held on Monday-Thursdays from 3:30 – 4:00.  AMI/ARI tutoring must meet the District guidelines with time allotments and student groups. No tutoring is to be scheduled on Friday



The materials that will be used for tutoring are the Measuring-Up Reading, Math,and Science.  The District developed TIPS Materials will be utilized 12 weeks prior to STAAR testing.



·        All students receiving after-school interventions must have WRITTEN parental permission prior to their participation in such opportunity. 

·        Students may not wonder off campus or walk around between 3:00 and 3:15 and simply show up to the teacher’s classroom. 

·     Teachers will complete the After-School Tutoring Form  that lists the names and telephone numbers of students participating in this program. The form must be returned to the office prior to the commencement of tutoring.

·        Teachers may not allow students to purchase candy or sodas prior to tutoring.

·        A new form must be completed in the event that students are added or dropped from the program.

·        Teachers must notify parents 48 hours prior to canceling tutoring. 

In the event of an unexpected teacher absence on a tutoring day – another teacher will fill-in for the absent teacher.