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Campus Improvement Planning

CIP Process
In order to guide the improvement of student performance, the district and each campus annually develop and/or revise campus improvement plans (CIP). The planning process is guided by established local, state, and federal requirements.
A campus improvement plan is a focused action plan for the campus that defines student achievement goals, establishes instructional strategies for the campus community, and sets priorities. The construction of a CIP requires evaluation of existing campus goals, making decisions based on relevant data; investigation of best practices, such as the "Core Practices Framework"; and knowledge of what to monitor and how to adjust throughout the school year.
Each campus has a site-based decision-making committee or CIP Committee that helps to develop, review, and revise the campus improvement plan for the purpose of improving student performance for all student populations, including all special needs populations, based on the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS).

The campus improvement plan:

  • assesses the academic achievement of all students
  • sets the campus performance objectives
  • identifies how campus goals will be met
  • determines the resources and identifies the staff needed to implement the plan
  • sets time lines for reaching the goals
  • measures progress
  • provides for a program to encourage parental involvement
  • includes goals and methods for violence prevention and intervention on campus
For more information about the process, contact:
Keitha Shelby, Manager
Dallas Independent School District
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Main: (972) 925-4878
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