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Action Planning and Monitoring 

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Core Practice FrameworkThe guide is a research-based repository of best practices used to evaluate campus practices as outlined by the National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA).  The interactive version is located at
Core Practice Framework Quick ListThis matrix is a quick reference to the research-based repository of best practices as noted in the Core Practice Framework.
Quicksteps to Online CIPThe CIP Quicksteps outlines basic instructions for completing the Online CIP.
Strategy and Action Plan NumberingNumbering within the Online CIP refers to the section of the Online CIP Table of Contents, strategy numbers, and corresponding action steps.  This sample provides a typical numbering structure within the strategy and action plan tables.
Meeting Agenda and Sign InThe meeting form documents the date, purpose, participants, and minutes for meetings held related to campus improvement planning.
NCLB Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) ToolThe CNA tool outlines a process for identifying strengths and weaknesses and specifying priorities for addressing student achievement and meeting challenging academic and performance standards.  The CNA process is the prework to the development of the campus improvement plan and decisions regarding the justification for use of NCLB and other funds.
NCLB Improvement Plans ToolThis school planning tool is a guide in developing, reviewing, and revising improvement plans which address required federal and state components.  The purpose is to align goals, objectives, strategies, and actions which will ultimately reflect high levels of performance for all students and student groups, close achievement gaps, and support systematic change to sustain excellence over time.
NCLB Districtwide Initiatives Action Plan TemplateThe template provides examples for documentation of districtwide initiatives within Online CIP action plans.
NCLB Districtwide Initiatives Checklist
The checklist assists campuses in ensuring that all districtwide initiatives have been documented within the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) Summary, Goals/Strategies and Action Plan tables.