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Safety Programs

The Dallas ISD Police Department features some very special programs associated with student and school safety.

Crime Stoppers


Crime Stoppers promotes student development in social responsibility, civic duty, and public service by reporting criminal conduct on school property and/or school sponsored events. 

Gang Prevention, Intervention, Enforcement, and Intelligence

The Dallas ISD Police Department provides gang awareness, gang intervention information, gang rapid response, and other services to staff, students, and parents of select secondary schools. 

Identification Badges

Employees, secondary students, and visitors are required to wear identification badges while on district property. Student badges have the district logo, campus name and student name.

Metal Detector

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are a good deterrent to weapons being brought to a campus. The district has metal detectors at all secondary schools.

Student & Parent Safety Tips

A series of helpful tips and resources has been assembled for the benefit of students and parents wanting to know about ways to keep safet at school, and to make schools safer. Please follow the Student & Parent Safety Tips link to learn more.

Youth Action Centers

Youth Action Centers are located at 32 Dallas ISD secondary schools. The Youth Action Centers are managed by the Dallas ISD Police Department, and serve as an organizational link between the school and the community in all efforts relating to youth violence and crime in the surrounding school community. The Youth Action Centers have provided a safe environment conducive to learning for students and faculty; have exercised prevention and intervention response strategies to ensure students' well-being; and have served as a forum for students and/or faculty to report crimes anonymously without fear of retaliation. Overall, the Youth Action Center security officers have been instrumental in working with students, parents, and teachers in crime prevention, counseling, mentoring, and tracking campus incidents to monitor youth offenses and crime.