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Student Services

Dallas Independent School District
408 N. Haskell Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75246
Sherry West-Christian
Assistant Superintendent
Student Services
Phone: (972) 925-4610
Fax: (972) 925-4641


Student Services exists to help students acquire those skills, attitudes, values, and experiences that will motivate them to resist destructive behaviors, make responsible decisions, seek positive opportunities for growth and learning, and envision a future that includes higher education and a fulfilling career.
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Services & Support Offered

Student Services is comprised of programs and services that are focused on supporting academic success.

Programs meet students' needs by addressing the skills and knowledge that promote healthy personal and social growth and development. Services address identified student behaviors or concerns that are interfering with their academic or personal growth.

The foundation of the programs begins at the campus level with the counseling and school health programs that serve all students. Incorporated into the foundation programs are Character Education and Safe and Drug-Free Schools prevention activities. Counseling and school health programs also include direct services that address individual student needs.

When an individual student's need exceeds the amount of time the counselor or nurse can devote to resolving the concern, assistance is requested, usually from the psychologist or social worker assigned to serve the campus. These service providers work with students and families on a more intensive, individualized basis and may be especially called upon to provide crisis intervention, therapeutic counseling and/or treatment, as well as to consult with teachers and parents regarding a variety of issues that serve as barriers to academic success.

When the student's concern requires a team of professionals to pool their knowledge and develop a formal intervention plan, the student is referred to the Student Support Team. The Student Support Team becomes the conduit for referrals to other services, internal as well as external, for the school and the district as a whole.

In addition, moderate to complex problems may be referred to one of the ten Youth and Family Centers. Youth and Family Centers are a collaboration of physical and mental health services. Alternatively, if the results of previous interventions indicate the need for a deeper analysis of the student's learning patterns, the student is referred for a formal educational evaluation. Along the pathway of services, at any point, the counselor or nurse may request additional Student Services support including, but not limited to the following:

  • Drug-testing and follow-up services from Safe and Drug-Free Schools staff
  • Consideration for eligibility for services by the §504 Committee
  • Resource assistance and supplemental programs for homeless students and their families
  • Assistance from Health Services' pregnancy and parenting program
  • Consultation with the office of Child Abuse/Neglect and Domestic Violence Prevention