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Substitute Office 

Dallas Independent School District
9400 North Central Expressway
Suite 1400
Dallas, TX  75231
Phone: (972) 925-5420
Fax: (972) 925-4302

General Walk In Hours:
Tuesday's 9:00AM- 10:00AM CST
Thursday's 2:00PM- 300PM CST

2015-2016 Substitute Online Application
Thank you for your interest in substitute employment with the Dallas Independent School District. Our online application system allows applicants to submit and update application information electronically from any computer with internet access. Interested individuals are encouraged to complete an application online. Completing the substitute application does not guarantee a substitute teaching position. Further, substitute teachers may be terminated from service at any time.  Please click the link below to complete the application.

Substitute Online Application

You will be contacted should your qualifications match the district’s needs.  Please note the district’s need for additions to the substitute pool fluctuates on an as-needed basis.

Basic Functions
The Substitute teacher is responsible for managing an assigned classroom by carrying out the appropriate learning activities and following the lesson plan developed by the classroom teacher of record, to ensure student learning activities and experiences remain uninterrupted during the teacher’s absence. By accepting a substitute assignment in one of our schools, you should consider yourself a teacher for that particular classroom, along with the responsibility that comes with such teaching assignment.

2015-2016 Substitute pay rates based on qualifications

Position Daily Rates Qualifications
Teacher Degreed $75 Degree from an accredited university
Teacher Certified $90 Degree from an accredited university & Certification
Teacher Assistant $58 Accredited High School Diploma or equivalent (U.S.A. equivalency)
Clerical $58 Accredited High School Diploma or equivalent (U.S.A. equivalency)
Librarian $90 Degree from an accredited university
Nurse $90 Degree from an accredited university & License
Counselor $260.00 Degree from an accredited university & Certification
Principal $374.50 Degree from an accredited university & Certification
Asst Principal $279.36 Degree from an accredited university & Certification

Retirees: Dallas ISD welcomes and recognizes the expertise and experience retired Dallas ISD educators possess as substitute teachers. Retirees wishing to substitute teach must complete an online application. Please contact Benefits at 972-925-4200 for guidelines within your particular retirement plan to avoid possibly jeopardizing your benefits.


Automated Educational Substitute Operator (AESOP) is an automated system utilized by the district to place substitutes in the various substitute vacancies.  One may search and accept available positions.  Additionally, you may be able to update your personal settings, update your calendar and personalize your availability.  AESOP may be accessed via phone or online seven days a week from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The Substitute Office no longer uses stickers.  To verify a substitute's availability please follow these instructions.