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  • Saturday School Detention


    On Saturday, October 31, 2015, we will begin Saturday detention. Students who are assigned Saturday Detention will arrive no later than 9:05 am and must remain until 12 noon to receive detention credit. Students arriving later than 9:05 am will not be allowed to enter the building. The list below are some examples of infractions that would cause your child to receive detention.


    • Dress code violation (Sagging, earrings, hoodies, hats, not wearing ID badge, etc)
    • Horse playing, running in the hallways, inappropriate touching
    • Congregating in the hall, outside of restrooms
    • Profanity
    • Public display of affection
    • Failure to comply with an adult directive
    • Yelling or shouting (any excessive noise)
    • Littering anywhere on campus
    • Using electronic devices during school hours
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  • Resources for Homeless Students
    Community Resources for Homeless children, families and youths in the greater Dallas Area
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  • Become an MVP School Is Your School an MVP?
    Dallas ISD wants all of our schools to be MVPs when it comes to making healthy choices. Learn how your school can become an MVP by visiting the Coordinated School Health website.
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  • School Way - Dallas ISD's Mobile App Get connected! Stay Connected

    Download your Dallas ISD app today through SchoolWay and have instant access through your Apple or Android device to news, cafeteria menus, important dates, messages and the Parent Portal.

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  • Dallas ISD Parent Portal Parent Portal
    If you are already a registered user, your current username and password will continue to give you access to the Parent Portal.
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