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Compass Alternative Certification Teacher Academy of Dallas ISD

Why Compass

Training & Certification

Program Requirements

COMPASS: Alternative Certification Teacher Academy - Early Bird Application Deadline February 27, 2015
We are COMPASS Alternative Certification Teacher Academy and are dedicated to identifying top talent from our community and preparing them to become effective teachers, despite the challenges of our large urban school district.

We are looking for people across our community to join our efforts to transform Dallas ISD. We need more people to think differently and act courageously to improve academic achievement for our students.

Join Our Program - Early Bird Application Deadline February 27, 2015
  • Training
    • An intensive training program that prepares you to be an effective teacher in Dallas ISD.
  • Focus 
    • Laser-like focus on the most essential teaching skills that are proven to be necessary for first year teachers.
  • Practice
    • A hands-on training approach with less seat time and more time to practice essential teaching skills.
  • Coaching  
    • Teacher coaches to provide real-time feedback to assist in your development.
  • Certification   
    • Eligibility to receive standard teacher certification in one year.
  • Guaranteed Position
    • Early contract for critical need teaching assignment in Dallas ISD.

Certifications  dd 2110
  • Opportunities for scholarships (includes tuition and other fees)
  • Advance salary during pre-service training



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