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Teach Where You’re Needed Most: In Dallas

Dallas students have big dreams for their future, but they also face challenges every day. Nearly 90 percent come from economically disadvantaged homes, and 40 percent are still learning English. Each student deserves great teachers who can help break through barriers and build the life they dream of. The Compass Alternative Certification Teacher Academy gives talented college graduates a chance to become one of those teachers—and make a difference for kids in the Dallas community.
Upcoming Deadlines
TOEFL Registration Dates: 9/16/2016; 10/14/16
TOEFL Test Dates: 10/15/16; 11/12/16 
*Please note candidates must take and pass the TOEFL exam if they have a Bachelor's Degree outside of the United States ( this includes applicants from Puerto Rico). Candidates who have a Masters Degree from an education institution from the United States are exempt from taking the TOEFL exam
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Rigorous Selection
Our program is tough. Our interns have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and growth-mindset during selection and training before being recommended for certification.  We select those with courage, compassion, and a proven ability to prepare our students for success in college and beyond.
We are an intensive training program that prepares you to be an outstanding teacher in Dallas ISD. Our program is centered around effectiveness, and we develop you through hands-on, practice based instruction.
We are focused on essential teaching skills that comprehensively equip our first year teachers. We hone in on top talent with a passion for education. 
We use a hands-on training approach; focused less on lecturing and more on exercises that facilitate meaningful growth. Our participants master the most effective techniques.
Our coaches provide real-time solutions to assist in your development; incorporating observation and assessment for positive feedback and coaching.
We offer the eligibility to receive a standard teacher certification in one year. Our program only recommends the most qualified teachers for certification.

The Opportunity to Teach Dallas Students

Those who successfully complete the internship will have the confidence that comes from knowing they’ve learned the skills they need to be effective teachers as soon as they enter the classroom.  Our interns can compete with the most prestigious alternative and traditional certification programs in the Dallas area for teaching positions in the district.

Admittance into COMPASS does not guarantee a teaching position in DISD. Candidates must successfully complete pre-service training before being offered a one-year teaching internship in a district school. Following the internship, COMPASS will only recommend successful candidates for certification.


Bilingual Generalist Spanish EC-6
Elementary Generalist ESL EC-6 
Secondary Science 7-12
Secondary Math 7-12

*What is the difference between bilingual and ESL?

In an ESL classroom, students who speak many different languages are all taught by the same teacher. The teacher only speaks English and is not required to speak the native language of any members of the class. All teaching is done in English.


In a bilingual education classroom, all the students in the class speak the same language. The teacher also speaks the language. The way that a bilingual education class generally works is that the teacher teaches in both English and the students' native language, eventually switching over to teaching only in English. 



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