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Teacher track is your online resource, allowing you to stay in complete control of your success. Navigators will be able to seamlessly communicate with Compass coordinators and operations staff, ensuring that all materials are completed in an efficient and timely fashion. Please click the link below to access your login.


Take time to review your training materials, documents, and goals. We want to make sure all of our interns are equipped to take on the challenge that is our program. 
 Certification Areas We Offer
- Bilingual EC - 6
- Special Education (EC-12) 
- Math (7-12)
- Science (7-12)
- Elementary Generalist EC - 6 ESL 

What is the difference between bilingual and ESL?

In an ESL classroom, students who speak many different languages are all taught by the same teacher. The teacher only speaks English and is not required to speak the native language of any members of the class. All teaching is done in English.

In a bilingual education classroom, all the students in the class speak the same language. The teacher also speaks the language. The way that a bilingual education class generally works is that the teacher teaches in both English and the students' native language, eventually switching over to teaching only in English.  

If you have a concern or complaint that needs to be addressed by Compass staff, please email with the subject “Complaint.” 
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Education Preparation Program Reports and Accreditation Ratings

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