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Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Will Dallas ISD sponsor H1-B visas for the 2014-2015 school year?
A -
 Dallas ISD is not currently planning to sponsor H1B visas for the 2014-2015 school year.
Q - What happens if I mail in an incomplete application?
A - The entire packet will be returned to you within 10 working days.

Q - What if I can't get an official transcript?
A - State board rule requires that all transcripts must be submitted and must be official unless the graduating university is in a war-torn country. In this case, the applicant must submit a transcript with evidence of a masters degree, thus indicating that a bachelors degree has been completed.

Q - What should I do if my degree is from a college or university outside the United States?
A - You must have your transcript evaluated and translated through an approved agency. This evaluation must be on file prior to your application being processed

Q - If I do not qualify for my first choice, may I be considered for my other two choices?
A - Yes. Only one interview will be required.

Q - Will I need to take a test for tuberculosis?
A - After an offer of employment has been made, the District shall require a tuberculosis test for all persons selected for positions in the areas of Health Services, Early Childhood Education, and for all immigrants from high-risk countries who have been living in the United States for less than five years. "High-risk countries" are determined by Dallas County Health and Human Services.

Q - Is there any TExES preparation assistance available for applicants?
A - Yes. Applicants, that meet all the qualifications for the program, will be notified via email about available TExES review sessions. These sessions are only available to qualified applicants of the Dallas ISD Alternative Certification Program.

Q - Do I have to have passed the content TExES exam before I am accepted into the program?
A - No.  You must, however, meet the highly qualified status before you can be hired.

Q - Can I attempt two certification areas at the same time?
A - No.


Q - Am I guaranteed an interview?
A - No. Only persons who submit completed applications and meet program requirements will be interviewed.

Q - Will I be notified if I am not accepted into the program?
A - No.  The program will only notify applicants that are selected for the program.

Q - If I am not accepted into the program, do I need to reapply to be reconsidered?
A - No. Your application will be kept on file for 18 months. Before you can be reconsidered you will need to complete any deficiencies (if applicable). Then you need to send a letter requesting to be reconsidered and updating your information (if necessary). Please send the letter to the following address:

Alternative Certification Department
Attn: Reactivations
2909 North Buckner Blvd, 4th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75228

After eighteen months of inactivity, your application and supporting documentation will be destroyed.


Q - Will there be more than one training cycle?
A - Training cycles will be determined based on need. Our next training cycle will begin Monday, June 16th.

Q - Are you allowed any absences during summer training?
A - Absences are highly discouraged during summer training. However, we understand some things are beyond your control. To accommodate those instances, you are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences during the summer training program.

Q - Will all certification areas be offered for each recruitment cycle?
A - Certification areas for the training are based upon vacancies in Dallas ISD.

Q - What happens if I complete the Academy but not selected by a principal?
A - The Dallas ISD hires teachers on an ongoing basis. You retain your eligibility for immediate selection by a principal. Your name remains in a pool of trained applicants.


Q - Are there any tests that I must take prior to being certified?
A - Yes - a content exam (Math, Science, etc) and Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities. Additionally, interns in Bilingual, Spanish and French must pass the BTLPT.

Q - When will I be fully certified by the State Board of Educator Certification?
A - Interns are usually certified after one school calendar year in the program if they have successfully completed the program requirements and were successful teachers in the classroom. Interns may be recommended to receive an additional year of internship at the discretion of the program.

Q - Will I receive the same certificate that I would receive through a college or university program?
A - Yes. It is the same certification.

Q - Will I be certified if I terminate my employment with Dallas ISD before the certification process is complete?
A - No. No one will be recommended for certification who is not an employee of Dallas ISD.


Q - How much does it cost to apply?

    1. $50.00 for the Application Fee (money order/cashiers check to be included with the application). The application fee is non-refundable. The application fee is waived for veterans.  The DD214 must be included.
    2. Transcript Evaluation Fee for foreign transcripts only the individual companies determine this cost.

Q - Are any of the above fees refundable if I do not qualify?
A - No. All of the services for these fees are conducted prior to your consideration and/or acceptance into the program.

Q - What is the direct cost of training in the Alternative Teacher Certification Program?
A - $3,500 plus tuition, fees and books; $120.00 for each required state exam; $52.00 for a probationary certificate; $47.00 for fingerprinting.
Q - What is the pre-service training cost?
A - $500.00.
Q - When is the balance due?
A -
The balance will be payroll deducted from the intern's paycheck when he/she becomes teacher of record.
Q - How and when will I pay for the training ($3,500)?
A -
The participant will have two options - lump sum of $3,500, payable by a designated date, or monthly payments through payroll deduction.


Q - What are the summer 2014 training dates?
A - The summer training cohort starts Monday, June 16th.

Q - Are there additional summer training dates?
A - All Academy participants will have training experiences outside of the dates and times listed above. Most sessions will begin at 8 AM and end by 5 PM. Your coordinator will let you know on the first day of training whether to reserve the dates.

Q - What are the training times?
A - The Academy hours are 6 PM 9 PM.

Q - Where will training be held?
A - School Support Services Building is the training site. The facility is located, east of downtown. The address is 2909 N. Buckner Blvd, 4th Floord, Dallas, Texas 75228.

Q - What happens after summer training?
A - Interns, that have campus selection forms, will report for district-wide staff development (provided by Professional Development). Interns that have not been selected by a principal will receive further instructions during the last week of training.


Q - Can I choose my grade, schools, or geographic location?
A - No. Principals recommend teachers and make assignments based on the needs at their schools.

Q - When will I know my school/grade assignments?
A -
Human Resources facilitates school assignments and Dallas ISD principals make campus selections. Eligible interns will be invited to Dallas ISD job fairs.

Q - Can I work in another school district while attending the Dallas AC Program?
A - No. The Dallas ISD ACP is a school district teacher preparation program created to meet the needs of the school district.

Q - Does the district require a multiple-year commitment on my part?
A - No. While we hope that participants would return the investment to the school district, there is no long-term obligation.

Q - How much will I make? (link to compensation manual)
A - Each case is different. Please refer to the district's compensation manual.

Q - Are stipends available for special circumstances?
A - Yes - only for the bilingual certification area and is subject to board approval.