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Department of Athletics

Department of Athletics
2500 S. Ervay Street
Dallas, Texas 75215
Phone: (972) 749-2450
Fax: (972) 749-2451


From the Director of Athletics




Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year. It's back to school time!!! Let's make sure to watch our speed in school zones and do our part to make our kids travel, to and from school, safe. With the beginning of school also marks the start of football season. All of our teams and coaches have been working hard to get ready for the season. Make sure and check your teams schedule and go out and support our students as they represent their schools.

Our volleyball teams have been participating in tournament's all over Dallas and Ft. Worth. They are working hard to get ready for district play which begins in a couple of weeks.

Cross Country meets and fall Tennis tournaments start up this week so you can see we are off to a busy start. I have spoken to many coaches the past two weeks and they are excited to kick off their seasons and working with your children. We are committed to providing the best instruction possible and to always look out for their safety. Our doors remain open to you to express any concerns or answer any questions you have. We want to be open and transparent in everything we do.

The Athletic Department met with our Communications Department last week to discuss a new and very much needed web page. I am hoping in the near future, you will be able to look at our athletic web page for all the information needed to keep up with all of our programs. We particularly want to focus on highlighting our students successes and tell interesting stories about them. I hope to have more information next week.

As the school year begins, our department pledges to stay focused, prepared, structured, and with a plan to do the "right thing", the "right way". We welcome your presence at our athletic events and thank you for your support.

See you at the games.

Gil Garza

Director of Athletics

Dallas ISD



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