Counseling Office
“Education is not filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”.
                             -William Butler Yeats
In the Counseling Office you can find:
        -Personal & Academic Counseling
        -Request Official Transcripts
           -Seniors must sign up in Counseling Office (Allow 48 hours to process)
           -Graduated students may order transcripts in the Main Office ($3.00 per transcript copy)
        -College and Career information
        -SAT & ACT registration information
        -Scholarship information
        -School Profile
        -Career Cruising
 Reasons to see your counselor:
        -Personal Counseling
        -Academic Concerns
        - College and Career Guidance
Counseling Staff & Assignments for 2016 – 2017

Staff Member




Natalie Vasquez

Administrative Assistant

(972) 502-6218

Jennifer Tovar

New 9th Grade

(972) 502-6247

Mary Brieske

Alpha: A-Con

(972) 502-6219

Juanita Beck

Alpha: Coo-G

(972) 502-6220

Debra West

Alpha: H-Mi

(972) 502-6221

Arleshia Okoli

Alpha: Mo-Roj

(972) 502-6222

Dr. Teresa Washington

Alpha: Rom-Z

(972) 502-6237

**Students are assigned to counselors according to last names, however all counselors are available to assist students and parents as needed.
Counseling Hours:
8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Additional hours available by appointment
“Intelligence is not enough. Education is not enough. Intelligence plus CHARACTER-that is the true goal of education”.
                                      -Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.