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School Programs

  • Character Counts! Champs/ STARS
  • Two-Way Dual Language Program
  • Professional Learning Communities/Math,Reading and Science Learning Communities
  • Walnut Hill ProjectIBM EMentor Program
  • IBM Technology Night Classes for Parents
  • School-wide Technology Night

Walnut Hill Recycles!

Walnut Hill is recycling certain items to earn money and to do our part in protecting our environment. We will gladly accept any of these waste items all year long! Some of the recycling brigades that we are participating in are:

Colgate Oral Care- Toothbrushes, plastic floss containers, and toothpaste tubes.
Scotch Tape-The tape dispenser or the plastic middle part on individual tapes.
Cheese Packaging- Plastic containers (cream cheese) and plastic packaging from other types of cheeses.
Lunchable- The bottom and top plastic packaging. (not cardboard)
Tortilla and Tostada Bags-Any brand will count.
Tyson Frozen Chicken Bags-Cut the part off of the package that says, “Project A+ Support Our School” and turns it in.
Frito Lay Chip Bags-Any brand will count.Drink Pouches-Any brand will count.
Coke Labels or Caps-There are certain places on Coke products that will have a code. Please cut the code off of boxes or turn in the bottle caps that have the code on the lid.
Personal Care-Please make sure the items you bring are empty and clean.
Eligible Items include: lipstick cases, mascara tubes, eye shadow cases, shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, bronzer cases, foundation packaging, body wash containers, soap tubes, soap dispensers, lotion dispensers, saving foam tubes, powder cases, lotion bottles, chap stick tubes, lotion tubes, face soap dispensers, face soap tubes, face lotion bottles, face lotion jars, eyeliner cases, eyeliner pencils, eye shadow tubes, concealer tubes, concealer sticks, lip liner pencils, hand lotion tubes, hair gel tubes, hair paste jars.
PLEASE NOTE: hair spray cans, nail polish bottles and nail polish remover bottle ARE NOT acceptable.
Cell Phone Brigade accepted waste: standard cell phone, smart phone and iPhone Digital
Camera Brigade accepted waste: any brand digital camera
Keyboard and Mouse Brigade accepted waste: plastic wireless computer keyboards, plastic computer keyboards, plastic wireless computer mice, and plastic wired computer mice
Laptop Brigade accepted waste: laptops, notebook computers, and netbooks