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What You Need to Know about TEI

Understanding the Teacher Performance Wedge of TEI

Throughout the year, teachers have had a series of spot observations, an extended observation, and now a summative performance evaluation. How was the summative performance evaluation score calculated? What exactly does the score mean? How do those scores translate into your teacher performance wedge for your TEI evaluation score?  Click here to find out more.

What 'target distribution' means under TEI

The target distribution is the district’s goal for the allocation of effectiveness levels. Click here to find out more. 
What do Distinguished Teachers look like?
Here are examples of applications submitted by teachers undergoing the 2015 Distinguished Teacher Review.  

Infographic: What is TEI?

Here is a TEI Infographic that explains the various components of the Teacher Excellence Initiative evaluation system. 


define support reward
Dallas ISD’s Destination 2020 plan focuses on improving the quality of instruction and placing an effective teacher in front of every child. Without a comprehensive teacher effectiveness system, the district will not be able to accomplish its goals. The Teacher Excellence Initiative was designed with one primary objective: improving student learning by improving teacher effectiveness.

Through TEI, the district is building on research and emerging models to establish a three-pronged approach to ensuring teacher excellence:

  • Defining Excellence: The vision for effective teaching and how it is evaluated
  • Supporting Excellence: Differentiate professional learning for teachers
  • Rewarding Excellence: Teachers are compensated based on their professional growth and impact on student learning