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Home-Rule Charter Commission

Contact Information:
3700 Ross Avenue
Box 20
Dallas, TX 75204 
(972) 925-5466

About the Home-Rule Commission

A fifteen-member commission was appointed by the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees on June 27, 2014 to frame a home-rule school district charter. The commission has one year in which to complete its work. It was appointed after the board received a petition signed by more than five percent of the district’s registered voters ordering the appointment of the charter.
This site will continue to serve as a clearinghouse for information regarding the home-rule charter, as well as the commission. It will include agendas, supporting documents from all commission meetings.

By law, a home-rule district has the powers and entitlements granted to school districts and school boards, including taxing authority. A home-rule district is also subject to federal and state laws and rules governing school districts.

The home-rule charter drafted by the commission must:
  1. Describe the educational program to be offered.
  2. Provide that continuation of the charter is contingent on:
    1. Acceptable student performance on assessment instruments.
    2. Compliance with other applicable accountability provisions.
  3. Specify any basis, in addition to a basis specified at Education Code Chapter 11, Subchapter B, on which the charter may be placed on probation or revoked.
  4. Describe the governing structure of the district and campuses.
  5. Specify any procedure or requirement, in addition to those at Education Code Chapter 38 [see FF series], the district will follow to ensure the health and safety of students and employees.
  6. Describe the process by which the district will adopt an annual budget, including the use of program-weight funds.
  7. Describe how the annual audit of the district’s financial and programmatic operations will be conducted, including how the district will provide the necessary information to participate in the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS).
  8. Include any other provision the charter commission considers necessary.
For more information on the home-rule commission law, go to 

Committee Members and Meetings

Upcoming Meetings