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Office of DAI Personnel
2505 Holmes Street
Dallas, Texas 75215
LTC (Ret) Robert Davis
Executive Director / DAI
Phone: (972) 925-4860
Phone: (972) 925-4856
Fax: (972) 925-4857

Mission of the Director of Army Instruction

JROTC Badge To provide administrative support, logistical, and technical assistance/support to all JROTC units and oversee the operations, functions, and compliance of 21 Army JROTC units, 1 Navy JROTC unit, 1 Marine Corps JROTC unit and 25 Leadership Cadet Corps (LCC), middle school units.


LTC (Ret) Robert Davis
Executive Director/DAI
(972) 925-4858
MAJ (Ret) Morris Shepherd
Manager/Deputy DAI
(972) 925-4895
1SG (Ret) Larry Gensler
Personnel & Administrative NCO
(972) 925-4861
CSM (Ret) Juan R. Hernandez
Training Specialist
(972) 925-4863
Maggie Ross
Military Property Specialist
(972) 925-4865
Michael Young
Military Property Assistant
(972) 925-4867
Shamara Martin
Administrative Assistant
(972) 925-4856