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Event highlights partnership between Chinese school, Thomas Jefferson

Photos from an Aug. 28 news conference at Thomas Jefferson High School.  Twenty-six students and four educators from the Hainan Overseas School in China visited Thomas Jefferson High School as part of an ongoing partnership on Tuesday, Aug. 28.
More than 400 students at T.J. are learning to speak and write Chinese and learn about the country’s culture in the Asian Studies Program, which for some has also included visits to China. This past summer, 10 T.J. students went to China for 30 days to travel and study. Last year, three T.J. students visited China.
During a news conference, students from both schools talked about each other's countries and the differences between the classes each school offers. 
Also speaking were Edward Conger, executive director of the Thomas Jefferson High School feeder pattern and former principal at the school; District 1 Trustee Elizabeth Jones; Thomas Jefferson Principal Aamir Ashiqali; and educators from the Hainan Overseas School. 
In March, two principals, a teacher and five students from the Hainan Overseas School visited Dallas, spending time at Thomas Jefferson, J.L. Long Middle School, Woodrow Wilson High School and Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy.
Photos: Top, students from T.J. and Hainan Overseas School talk on Tuesday, Aug. 28. Middle, Edward Conger, executive director of the Thomas Jefferson High School feeder pattern, discusses the origins of the school's Asian Studies Program and the support that has made it possible. Bottom left, T.J. student ambassadors talk about their recent trip to China. Bottom right, Chinese students talk about their visit to the United States, which included stops in Los Angeles; New York City;Washington, D.C.; and Boston.