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STEM Scouts

 Coming for the 2016-2017 School Year!

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What is Stem Scouts?
STEM Scouts is a pilot program from the Boy Scouts of America focused on fun ways for girls and boys, grades 3-12, to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Using hands on activities and interactions with STEM professionals, youth expand their knowledge of academic concepts while they have fun and make friends.
What do STEM scouts do? 
STEM scouts meet once a week in groups called labs. They work with lab managers and STEM professionals to do fun, hands-on experiments that teach STEM-related concepts and show how STEM Knowledge is used in everyday life and in the professional world.
The bulk of each meeting is spent engaging in various experiments. Each STEM scout has a specific role in the experiment, allowing everyone the chance to participate and try different roles from leading a team to doing technical work. STEM scouts who want to learn more about a specific topic may expand their knowledge by participating in individual learning modules.
What is the Time Commitment?
STEM Scouts meet weekly for 1.5 to 2 hours, for four week and six week modules, with six to nine different modules per year.  This translates to a total of 28 weeks of activities.
How much does the program cost? 
The cost for a youth to participate is $200 for the school year  - 33 weeks (approx. $7.00 week), which includes safety goggles and lab supplies for the year. STEM Scout t-shirt and lab coat must be purchased at a local Scout Shop. 
Space is limited, please email if you would like to reserve a spot for your child. A $50 deposit before the end of the year will be needed to secure your spot. 
Applications will be available soon! 
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