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Dallas ISD begins restructuring of School Leadership division

      Incoming Superintendent Mike Miles began restructuring the Dallas Independent School District central staff this week according to his Destination 2020 plan. Approximately 80 positions in the district’s School Leadership division will be restructured down to 36 positions effective June 30. Individuals currently in those positions were notified today that they will have the opportunity to apply for the positions created under the new plan, as well as other available positions in the district. Approximately 50 positions will be created under the new plan.

       “There is no better time for change to take place,” said Miles. “As the end of the school year approaches, it makes sense to reorganize now so that there is as much time as possible to focus on improving the quality of instruction, raising student achievement and supporting the culture and climate of each school in Dallas ISD.”


      Destination 2020 was presented by Miles to the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees last week. It sets several aggressive academic and college readiness performance targets for the district to accomplish during the next several years.


      “This restructuring does not mean that the district does not value the hard work of its employees during the last several years,” said Miles.  “Indeed, the district appreciates the commitment of its School Leadership staff, especially during a long transition period.”


      The restructuring does mean, however, changes in the direction and changes in how the district operates.  Twenty executive director positions will be posted to provide support to principals in the district’s feeder patterns. Current school leadership staff will have an opportunity to apply for the new positions, as well as any other available positions.