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Incoming Superintendent Miles presents action plan to trustees

Incoming Superintendent Mike Miles presents his action plan to trustees on May 10, 2012. The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees today received its first look at a three-year district improvement plan submitted by incoming superintendent Mike Miles.

Trustees will have an opportunity to review and provide feedback before the final plan is approved in June.

In general, for the next three years, Miles' plans for the district will be focused on:

  • Effective teachers. We will reach our destination by placing an effective teacher in front of every child.
  • Effective principals. We will reach our destination if we make principals the key to reform.
  • Professional and high-functioning central office. We will reach our destination if the central office staff is one of the most efficient and competent in the nation.
  • Leadership density. We will reach our destination if we expand leadership density.
  • Engaging parents and the community. We will reach our destination if our parents and community partners become engaged in graduating college- and career-ready students and if the various groups work in reinforcing ways.

Destination 2020-Draft-May 10, 2012
Destination 2020-Draft-Key targets and indicators
Destination 2020-Draft-Key actions
Destination 2020-Draft-Attachments

District Goals:

  1. Ensure staff members understand the direction of the District and the Core Beliefs.
  2. Improve the quality of instruction.
  3. Develop principals into effective instructional leaders.
  4. Tie teacher and principal evaluations to student achievement data.
  5. Create a professional and high-functioning central office team.
  6. Restructure the Department of School Leadership.
  7. Create a career-ready certificate.
  8. Create the Strategic Feeder Group.