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State district judge rules school funding system is unconstitutional

A state district judge issued a preliminary ruling Monday in a lawsuit filed by several Texas school districts that claimed that the state school finance system is unconstitutional.

The Court found that the current funding system does not:

  • adequately or suitably provide the resources necessary to give all students a real opportunity to graduate from high school ready for college or career;
  • provide equitable funding to bring all Texas school districts up to the funding levels necessary to meet our high standards; or
  • provide local school districts and communities with meaningful discretion to provide local supplementation or enrichment above state requirements.

School districts throughout the state of Texas filed a lawsuit following the Texas Legislature’s decision in 2011 to cut $5.4 billion from K-12 education funding. The cuts caused Dallas ISD schools to lose $100 million in state funding during the past two years, resulting in larger class sizes and program cuts. Despite these cuts, the Texas legislature has continued to add requirements for school districts and students and to increase accountability standards and testing requirements.

"This says public education is important and that it needs to have adequate resources in order for them to be successful," said Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles. "This ruling is the first step in a process that is important to the students, parents and staff of our school district."