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Our students need great teachers

Teach As a teacher in Dallas ISD, your impact goes far beyond the students sitting in the desks of your classroom. For many students, just having an adult who believes in them can be life-changing. When a teacher works with a student to help them realize their goals, you build the confidence needed for them to go out and achieve great things.

In order for students to be engaged at all times in the classroom, we need teachers who are willing to go beyond the lesson plan and make learning an interactive, dynamic experience. By focusing on improving the quality of instruction, and committing to the development and continuous support of those leading our classrooms, our students reap the rewards by being better prepared to achieve success.

Dallas ISD is committed to setting a new standard for education not only in North Texas, but in the country. As part of our team, you will help shape the future of teaching and learning for generations to come. And the students you impact along the way? Well, their success is what this profession is all about.


* If you are experiencing issues with the TeacherMatch assessment located in the teacher application, please contact TeacherMatch directly via email or phone at:, or 855-980- 0511.

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In most districts it would take an average of 20 years to reach an annual salary of $60,000. But in Dallas ISD, that same $60,000 annual salary is achievable in fewer than five years. For those teachers truly invested in becoming transformative, an annual salary of $90,000 is obtainable.

Other districts talk about how valuable their teachers are. We show you.
We're committed to helping you grow
Dallas ISD is committed to helping you grow as a teacher.
Your success is our success, so we want to help you grow on your journey as a teacher.

An abundance of professional development opportunities are in place to support Dallas ISD teachers and school leaders, including one-on-one coaching, learning in teams, and large group sessions. Research has shown that on-the-job professional development is the most effective in helping teachers grow as educators. To that end, the district continues to expand and improve campus-based coaching, teacher teams and teacher team leaders. Additionally, the online resource Curriculum Central provides a wealth of learning opportunities and instructional support resources, making it convenient to register for and complete educational workshops.

Learn more about the district’s innovative Teacher Excellence Initiative and how we are building great teachers.
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