• Bulldog  



    Charles Alexander Gill

    Campus Mindset 

    Our school is a place where students are continually inspired to achieve.  Our culture communicates the belief that effort creates ability.  We instill in our students the idea that success is determined by their effort and perseverance.  By transforming mistakes into opportunities for learning, we convey that learning from mistakes is catalyst for improvement.


    Campus Vision


    Charles A. Gill is an environment where parents want to send their children.  Students are inspired to learn, focus their effort to create, and have opportunities to lead.  At Gill, teachers with passion, and employees want to work.  We want to foster a sense of community in which every individual is respected and encouraged to realize their full potential in the areas of character, work ethic, citizenship, and academic achievement.


    Campus Motto/Theme  

    Inspire, Create, Lead


    Campus Mission

    We, the staff of Gill Elementary, are strongly committed to providing all students with the academic and social skills to become productive and responsible lifelong learners. 


    Gill Elementary School Student Creed

    We pledge:
    To be at school every day and to be on time,
    To come with open hearts and open minds,  
    To not judge others by color or culture. 
    To make our voices heard,
    To help ourselves and say "I can,"
    To know more by the end of the day
    than we did when the day began,
    To be ready to work and ready to learn,
    and to become successful citizens
    when it's our turn.