• General Information

    At Charles Rice Learning Center, our mission is to provide a safe and secure learning environment in which students gain the behavioral and academic skills to become successful. We empower students to learn by providing a rigorous curriculum, promoting collaboration, and allowing students to be stakeholders in their own education. Charles Rice is a school for children, preparing them to compete in a global society.
    Over the past five years, Charles Rice has implemented many innovative programs and research-based instructional practices, placing student academic performance on a continuous upward trajectory. We pride ourselves on challenging students to perform to their utmost potential.
    Charles Rice has implemented a preschool program for 3 and 4 year old children. The program has afforded our community additional educational resources to introduce 3 year old students to reading before they reach kindergarten.
    The school staff connects with parents and the community to ensure student success. Parents are valued partners and participate in school activities for parents covering subjects ranging from health to homework. Other parent involvement opportunities include assisting in classrooms, participating in PTA, and serving on the Site-Based Decision Making and Campus Improvement Planning committees.