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    Menus & Nutrition

    Dallas ISD Food and Child Nutrition Services mission is to provide good nutrition that fuels successful learning. Our goal is to provide quality food on the serving line all the time, so from the first student we serve to the last, all have a positive school meal experience.

    If you have questions on the school meal program or would like to speak with a Registered Dietitian about how your family/students can eat the school meal way for good health, please contact Jennifer DeHoog, Nutrition Specialist at jdehoog@dallasisd.org or 214-932-5525.

    Special Diets

    To better serve our students with special diet needs, all current dietary orders will need to be renewed for the 2017-2018 school year and each school year thereafter. Dietary requests will be valid only for the school year in which they are written and will expire at the end of each school year. Current dietary requests expired on the last day of school. Please submit renewal for a special diet to your school nurse on a current DISD dietary order form. As with new dietary requests, signature from a physician or other recognized medical authority is required.

    For more information contact Nancy Zhang, Nutrition Specialist at NZHANG@dallasisd.org or 214-932-5519.