• Counseling at Hawthorne Elementary

    My name is Kari Stewart, and I am the school counselor at Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary. As the counselor, I provide lessons to students that promote our counseling curriculum, help students with academic planning, assist students in their personal and career development, address immediate needs, and provide support for staff and the Hawthorne community.

    Our mission here at Hawthorne Elementary states “We are committed to developing life-long learners, creating an engaging learning environment, and investing in our community partnerships”. We have a vision that allows success to start here at this campus, with each individual. Along with these beliefs, we will be able to address and achieve these goals with the help of the counseling curriculum, Character Counts. The program addresses and works to help students live out six main character traits: trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Character has been and will always be a priority for the students and staff on this campus. I will work with students and staff to teach lessons that relate to these character traits and that will help students practice character daily, inside and outside of the classroom.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help you with any needs you have. I look forward to seeing you throughout the school year in our parent meetings and special programs. Let’s have a wonderful year at Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary!


    Kari Stewart, Counselor