• Our Vision

    Ann Richards STEAM Academy seeks to be a flagship middle school by empowering trailblazers to excel in our global society.

    Our Mission

    Every day we develop the whole child.

    Our Core Values

    Commitment:  commitment to growing as professionals in order to support the needs of our scholars.

    Collaboration: Our staff are expected to work together with other campus & district services in order to address the needs of our scholars. We
    cannot do this alone. We also collaborate to learn from one another in order to strengthen our
    skills in this profession. We refer to ourselves as the "ARSA Community" for this reason

    Creativity: we encourage our staff to “think outside the box” in order to
    deliver strong, engaging instruction that forges real-life connections to scholars and inspires
    them to learn.

    Critical Thinking: we hope to create a desire to learn, ask questions to understand, and use evidence to make decisions for our scholars and staff.