Today, I will learn the lessons before me. Today, I will achieve the goals that will make me successful. Today, I will succeed. Today, I will be a good citizen. I have unlimited potential and each day is a new beginning. Today and every day, I will believe, learn, achieve, and succeed!

    Leslie A.Stemmons Elementary School has three key, overall goals:

    Improve the performances of all students on measures of the Texas Essential Knowledge and skills with respect to higher order thinking skills. All stakeholders including students, staff and parents are reminded that learning is the highest priority for our school.

    Maintain a positive campus learning enviornment, ensuring all students know they can and will learn through continuously engaging activities, prompting student success within a safe, positive learning environment.

    Increase Leslie A. Stemmons Elementary School’s parent and community awareness through recruiting the support and assistance necessary in creating and maintaining a better place for their children to learn.