Provide equitable access and opportunities to high quality programs to impact the achievement gap. Our focus is on cultivating the growth of the whole child through programs to develop a student’s cognitive, social, physical, and emotional well-being. 


    ELO programs enrich student's lives with new experiences and skills giving them the opportunity to participate in diverse activities that can ignite an internal spark. The skills learned can lead students to completely new areas of interest that enable them to become well-rounded adults.


    ELO programs engage students in multiple disciplines that will increase their problem-solving skills, support their academic achievement, and kindle the desire to explore various career options. Students that are engaged in different types of activities begin to create and hone their own life experiences.


    ELO programs empower students by exposing them to a variety of experiences, showing them how to recognize and manage difficult situations, and to aim high and achieve their goals. The legacy of their experiences in quality programming will leave students with integrity, responsibility, independence, and respect for themselves and others.