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    Mission Statement

    The Lincoln High School and Humanities/Communications Magnet & Early College Mathematics Department is dedicated to developing skilled, knowledgeable, and persistent learners and risk-takers that utilize skills and technology appropriately to address real-world problems and situations.

    Enduring Understandings

    Upon completion of the districts mathematics curriculum, students should understand that:

    1. Mathematics is ever-present in society and when used appropriately, along with logical reasoning and critical thinking, can help enhance the understanding of real world applications, problem solving, and life-skills.
    2. The development of mathematical skills and knowledge allows us to discover the connection between different areas of mathematics and appreciate the natural sequence/progression inherent within.
    3. The relevant use of appropriate technology can assist in simplifying, understanding, and making meaning of abstract concepts.  
    4. The teaching and learning of mathematics not only develops the tools to assist in problem solving, but the ability to decide when to work independently and when to work collaboratively, which can be instrumental in cultivating knowledge and skills.