• Quick Facts


    Mr. Lance Williams

    Assistant Principals:    

    Mr. Randall Shaw

    Ms. Jocelyn Mays

    Ms. Verna Farmer, Collegiate Administrator

    Grade Levels: 9-12

    Trustee District: District 9

    Executive Director, Rockell Stewart

    School Division/Feeder Pattern

    Lincoln-Madsion Feeder Pattern



    The vision of the Legendary Lincoln High School is to CHAMPION an educational experience that prepares scholars to LEAD the way in a DYNAMIC and GLOBAL society.


    The mission of the Legendary Lincoln High School is to cultivate the pride of excellence by providing a DIVERSE, INTERACTIVE, DATA-DRIVEN environment that is SAFE, ORDERLY and ENGAGING for ALL stakeholders.

    Core Values

    Growth Mindset
    Trust and Transparency
    Cultural Responsiveness
    Equity for All

    School Colors: Purple and White

    Mascot: Tiger