• Students need to log in to answer an Attendance Question on my Google Classroom.  Tuesday is 6th period.  Friday is 2nd period.  That will be your attendance for the week.


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    Welcome to e-learning, students! It's me, Ms. Wag, thinking about you all and hoping you are staying safe and healthy. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
    This is what I currently know: 
    1) We are still closed indefinitely.  
    2) This should not effect your credits or graduation.
    3) No one knows what will be happening in May, so we will play it all by ear.
    4) Seniors, I know you are disappointed and grieving.  That is normal.  I'm sorry and am here for you.
    5) You can pick up lunches at school from 10-1 on Mondays and Thursdays.  You can get three days worth of lunches at a time.  Come early if you can. 
    6) You can also get a laptop on Monday or Thursday if you did not get one or are having issues.
    I understand that many of you do not have wifi at home.  My rural satellite internet is also sketchy, so I get it.  This first week I just assigned two NoRedInk writing assignments, since I know you can do those on your phone.  I understand that the district is looking into internet solutions and hoping to get help.  Keep checking back here or on Google Classroom for info and updates. Feel free to email me, or message me on my Google Voice account. (940-441-SWAG.) If you have emailed teachers and are not getting a reply, there is an issue with the server not allowing us to answer out of district emails.  I created a Gmail account just for this emergency.  You or your parents can contact me at swagtheteacher@gmail.com if you need questions answered.
    Please bear with us as we all adjust to this new reality.  I miss and care for you all.  Please let me know if you are ill, if you need help with a problem, or to just keep in touch.  Please be safe.  I will update this web page soon. Email me if you need Google Classroom or NoRedInk class codes, though only new students should need those.  The fastest way to reach me is to text my Google Voice account.  That comes directly to my phone.  When you text or email me, please identify yourself.  I do not know your personal email addresses.
    Hugs to all and be well, young scholars. You are in my thoughts.