• School Programs

    Multiple Careers Magnet Center is a part-time career and technology education opportunity for secondary students with special needs. Several pre-employment, three-hour clusters are offered. Each cluster is designed to simulate a work situation as closely as possible. Students attend in the morning or afternoon. They receive credit each semester for satisfactory completion of their course work. Per state guidelines, students earn regular elective credits for each semester they complete at Multiple Careers. Instruction is based on an alignment with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Students progress at their own rate and evaluation is competency-based. Career training is offered in the following clusters:

    • Career Clusters include Information Technology, Business Technology, Construction Technology, Culinary Arts,  Hospitality & Tourism, Dry Cleaning and Laundry and Child Development Education and Training.  

    Information Technology. Students learn skills in the basics of computing, computer maintenance, typing, programming and online safety. Students learn proper techniques in the repair and maintenance of computers. Students engage in hands-on training in troubleshooting computer issues and fixing devices. Also, students are provided opportunities to understand and apply the basic principles of customer service. Students also learn basic skills to be employed in entry-level technology related positions. The students in this cluster obtain a certification in Microsoft Office and ServSafe Communication Skills.
    Business Technology. Students learn marketable skills related to operating equipment used in management, primarily the personal computer. They gain basic knowledge and skills in using business machines such as electronic calculator, fax machine, and copier. Also, they learn to sort, file, distribute mail, perform telephone and receptionist duties, and practice ethical business procedures. Students learn general office and clerical procedures with special emphasis on print reproduction. Areas of study include office techniques, ten-key and calculating machine operations, business mathematics, oral and written communications, and job applications and interviewing skills. Students become familiar with procedures and equipment used in printing and desktop publishing. 
    Construction Technology. Construction Technology is a general introduction to the field of construction. Students develop marketable skills related to all phases of new construction, including cement work, bricklaying, carpentry, and electrical wiring. Students learn skills in framing, layouts, decking, roofing, painting, reading rough plans, installing wall paneling and insulation, and installing wiring and outlets. 
    Culinary Arts. Students develop marketable skills in preparing and serving food on a commercial basis in the cluster’s cafeteria. They learn to use commercial equipment correctly and safely. Students comply with high standards of sanitation in all phases of food handling, grooming and hygiene. They learn to coordinate various phases of meal planning preparation and serving to ensure customer satisfaction. Students acquire skills in opening and closing, cleaning up, bussing tables, and operating the cash register.
    Hospitality & Tourism. Students use knowledge and skills that meet industry standards to function effectively in various positions within this multifaceted industry.  The hospitality and tourism industry encompasses lodging; travel and tourism; recreation, amusements, attractions, and resorts; and restaurants and food and beverage service.  Students are provided with academic and technical preparation to pursue high-demand and high-skill careers in hospitality-related industries.  The knowledge and skills are acquired within a sequential, standards-based program that integrates hands-on and project-based instruction.  Standards included in the Hospitality Services course are designed to prepare students for nationally recognized industry certifications, post-secondary education, and entry-level careers.
    Dry Cleaning and Laundry.  Students will develop marketable skills in the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Cluster. This course is designed to offer students the opportunity to study detailed aspects of the industry. It gives secondary and third year students the opportunity to explore through internship and job placement. This course offers the elements of greeting the customer, front counter skills, marking and checking garments, washing and pressing garments, filing and bagging clothes, as well as reselling the garment back to the customer. The course offers real world competencies, such as demonstrating an understanding of the environment in managing resources by making knowledgeable decisions as a consumer. This course is developed in conjunction with Texas Women's University (TWU) in Denton, TX. It is taught with specific outlines of the objectives. The course will allow qualified students the opportunity to receive an environmental certificate, as well as a professional Dry-Cleaning certificate. 

    Child Development Education and Training. The Child Development Education and Training Cluster provides interns with a background of knowledge of child development principles as well as principles for effective teaching practice. Students plan and direct individualized instruction and group activities, prepare instructional materials, assist with record keeping, make physical arrangements, and complete other responsibilities of a classroom teacher in class. Students obtain certifications in ServSafe Food Handler.

    • Job Placement

    Students continue training and apply career cluster skills in an unpaid or paid apprenticeship work site in the community. This may begin in the second or third year of training and is a referral-based process.
    • Career Assessment and Cluster Exploration (C.A.C.E.) Project

    In addition to placement in a specific cluster, students have an opportunity to explore careers through a one-week extended field trip. The Career Assessment and Cluster Exploration (C.A.C.E) program provides 21 high schools in the District the opportunity to take students for a week extended field trip. This initiative gives DISD students currently receiving special education services the opportunity to spend one week at the Multiple Careers Magnet Center. Career assessment and exploration of each career cluster is emphasized during the one week. In order to facilitate transitional services, the Vocational Adjustment Teacher will also be involved in the process. Participation in this program is coordinated through the special education departments at each school and the Principal of the Multiple Careers Magnet Center.
    • The Dallas I.S.D. District/Community 18+ Program at Multiple Careers Magnet Center

    The Dallas I.S.D. District/Community 18+ Program provides students with disabilities the opportunity to enable them to graduate with the knowledge and skills to become productive and responsible citizens. The program provides opportunities for students with disabilities to succeed in school/communities and, ultimately, as independent adults.