• School Colors: Blue And Gold

    Mascot: Spartan

    School Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:35 p.m.


    928 Palisade Dr. 

    Dallas, TX 75217

    Phone Number:


    Clipart of a bus

     Dress Code:

    • Top: Gold, White, Spartan GearAnimated cat walking with a backpack
    • Bottoms: Khaki, Gray, or Navy

    Dallas ISD Student Dress Code Policy

    School Song

     Hail Samuel High,

    Hail Samuel High,

    This song to thee we sing.

    We pledge to thee our loyalty,

    As loud as praises ring. 

    For always to the Gold and Blue, 

    Our hearts will still be true.

    As fighting Spartans, we will cry

    Our love for Samuell High!

    Fight Song

    Fight Spartans right down the field

    Until you score that victory.


    Fight Spartans and never yield

    Our pledge of pride and loyalty.

    To our colors of Gold and Blue

    We ever shall be true. 


    Go crashing through that line 

    and we will cheer you all the time!

                                                                                               Animated Band Drum Major

    School and Fight Song