• General Information

    Judge Barefoot Sanders Magnet Center for Public Service: Government, Law and Law Enforcement prepares students for college and the workforce and provides students the opportunity to explore careers in law, law enforcement, and government. We fulfill our mission by providing our students with experiential learning—hands-on activities in the classroom, courtroom observations, internships, and extensive networking that allows students to experience the practice of law and law enforcement in a variety of settings.
    Success at the JBS Law Magnet can be measured in many ways—Texas Education Agency exemplary ratings, graduation rates, number of students taking Advanced Placement courses, and choices available to students after graduation. Students understand that graduation is merely one step in a long journey into the career of their choice.
    Through an active PTSA, Advisory Board, Site-Based Decision Making team, and parent and community booster organizations, the JBS Law Magnet provides students with the opportunity to compete statewide and nationally in debate and Skills USA. Through the generosity of our community partners and booster organizations and the hard work of parents, staff, and students, JBS Law Magnet students experience the federal government through the Close Up program.
    Parents are encouraged to learn about the opportunities offered and decide whether the JBS Law Magnet is the right place for their children to continue their journey into the future.