Why join the PTSA?

  • Skyline High School and CDC's PTSA (Parent, Teacher, and Student Association) brings together parents, teachers and students to work toward the common goal of improving our school. The PTSA strives to enhance educational experiences by creating an atmosphere where students, teachers and administrators can do their best work.

    We strive to achieve this mission by:
    • Volunteering time for school events and projects
    • Hosting school functions
    • Fostering communication among parents, staff and the district
    • Fundraising to help meet unfunded school needs

    Join the Raider PTSA today!

  • How can YOU become a Raider PTSA Member?

    You have two options:

    1. Pick up a membership envelope from the main office, complete all required information, then place the envelope in the PTA Membership box.


    2. Join online!

    • Go to: JoinPTA.org
    • For the School District, select: Dallas ISD
    • For the PTA, select: Skyline Center
    • Click on Next
    • Fill out the electronic form with all required information and Add to Cart
    • Verify the information on the next page then click Checkout
    • Enter payment method information
    • Click on + Create Address, enter your information, then click Save
    • Verify that the information is correct and click Process Payment
    • Congratulations! You've joined the Skyline Raider PTSA
    • You can print a copy of your payment to keep for your files

     Your membership card will be sent directly to your email. Contact C. Smith , VP Membership, if you have any questions: ______@______.


    ¿Como unirse al Raider PTSA?

    Hay dos maneras:

    1. Tome un sobre para miembros de la oficina central, llene toda la información requerida, y ponga su sobre en la caja del PTSA.


    2. ¡Únase por internet!

    • Valla a: JoinPTA.org
    • Seleccioné School District (haga clic en la caja): Dallas ISD
    • Seleccioné PTA (haga clic en la caja): Skyline Center
    • Haga clic en Next
    • Llene la forma electrónica con toda la información requerida y haga clic en Add to Cart
    • Verifique la información en la siguiente página y has clic en Checkout
    • Agregue la información sobre el método de pago
    • Haga clic en + Create Address, pon su información, y haga clic en Save
    • Verifique que la información este correcta y haga clic en Process Payment
    • ¡Felicidades! Es miembro del Skyline Raider PTSA
    • Puede imprimir una copia de tu pago para sus récords

    Su tarjeta oficial de membrecía se mandara por correo electrónico. Si tiene preguntas, contacte a C. Smith, VP de membrecía, vía correo electrónico a ______.