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  • The Bedford Law Academy Experience

    The Bedford Law Academy offers students with an interest in legal careers the opportunity to learn about the field through introductory courses and actual court cases. We work closely with law enforcement agencies, the courts and police to provide students the insight, understanding and experience to approach careers in the area of law.

    Bedford also offers award-winning debate and speech programs and a phenomenal fine arts program including such activities as choir, band and orchestra.

    The application window is now open for students interested in joining the Bedford family. Click here to apply!

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  • Why Choose Bedford Law Academy?


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  • Student Learning Highlights

    • Interactive Classrooms
    • AVID College Prep Program
    • High School Credit Courses
    • Pre-AP/Honors Classes
    • Magnet School Focus on Law and Law Enforcement
    • One-To-One Technology with iPads
    • Talented and Gifted Classes