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  • The Personalized Learning Experience

    Personalized Learning Preparatory at Sam Houston is a pre-K-5th grade Transformation School in the Oak Lawn neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. Transformation Schools are open-enrollment campuses designed around an innovative instructional model with the aim of providing a best-fit education experience for every student, which taps into your son or daughter's strengths, needs, and interests with technology-rich classrooms and a flexible learning environment.

    The personalized learning environment at PL Prep includes:
    Instructional Enablers 
    ​Assessment and Data
    Students demonstrate learning through authentic, rigorous, and relevant assessment and engage in frequent feedback cycles in order to improve. Data drives instructional decision-making.

    Instructional Rigor
    Students engage in rigorous, standards-aligned content at their unique zone of proximal development. Content is accessed through authentic, rigorous, and relevant learning experiences.

    Student Agency
    Students operate in the context of a learning environment that nurtures a growth mindset, a sense of belonging, and student-led accountability.

    Classroom Culture
    Students actively exercise voice and choice in the classroom through personal goal-setting, reflection, and instructional decision-making (as appropriate).
    Operational Enablers 
    ​​Learner Profiles 
    Used to tell a student’s academic and personal story. A learner profile includes a student's strengths, areas of growth, interests, aspirations, and how he learns best. A student's profile should empower him to own his learning and advocate for what he needs in order to be successful.

    Personal Learning Paths 
     Customized roadmaps for all students to help them reach their academic destination. A personal learning path describes how a student will master a concept or skill - what lessons and activities she will engage in to become an expert in rigorous content.

    Flexible Learning Environments 
    Allows students to have voice and choice in when, where, and how they learn. Depending on the student, a student may learn in a big group, small group, or by himself - sometimes all in one day. Learning spaces aren't just at school: with the help of technology, students can learn anytime and anywhere.



  • Why Choose PL Prep?

    At PL Prep, the staff believes every student comes to school with a unique set of strengths, needs, and interests. Our campus, therefore, is an academic environment that offers a unique learning experience for each student. 

    Classrooms are organized to provide for movement, interaction, and a variety of learning options.

    Student Learning Highlights

    • Two-Way Dual Language
    • Talented and Gifted
    • AVID
    • In School, Small Group Instruction
    • Character and Leadership Development
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Student Interest Clubs
    • Performing and Visual Arts
    • Makerspace


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