•  PL Prep

    Welcome to Personalized Learning Preparatory at Sam Houston. I am very proud to be a principal at a campus with such a close-knit community. The students, staff, parents, and community members all work collectively to ensure we create a supportive environment that removes barriers for all learners. Over the years, we have worked collaboratively to build a school culture that is evident and meaningful to students, families, staff, and community members. 

    PL Prep at Sam Houston is an exceptional campus that provides a one-size-fits-one learning environment for students. As a personalized learning campus, we strive to create authentic and relevant learning opportunities for all students. We prepare our students to be global leaders by helping them learn from mistakes, taking the initiative to embrace new opportunities, and dedication to learning never stops. 

    Our campus is committed to teaching students how to be reflective, intentional, compassionate, and empowered. Each of our four core beliefs are integrated daily into our learning community to help our students become advocates of their learning. All of the staff at PL Prep are committed to helping each student establish and track their learning goals. The staff at PL Prep is dedicated to creating a learning environment where every student can learn in their own way. 


    Dr. Ashley Belton, Principal