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    "Aiming for Excellence"

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    Dear Atwell Archers,
    We are pleased to start off the new school year Aiming for Excellence! I hope that you are as excited about all the possibilities that this year will bring. We have so much to learn and discover, and it all starts with you!
    By now the majority of students should have an ID badge and lanyard. The badge must be worn every school day and be visible at all times throughout the year. Please follow the dress code and have your ID along with the correct shirt, belt, and bottoms. Students who lose or misplace their first free ID badge will be required to pay a $5.00 replacement fee for each additional badge. A temporary stick-on badge good for only one day may be purchased for $1.00.
    In order to enhance an educational commitment, a dress code has been established for Atwell Middle School. This dress code is necessary to remove distractive and dangerous apparel from our campus. It is our intent to create a clean, healthy and safe environment which is beneficial to all students.
    It is intended that Archers wear appropriate clothing, and in keeping with that intent, all students are required to comply with the following:
    •  No hats or scarves may be worn in school.
    • Students should come to school dressed appropriately for the weather.
    • Students must have ID badges must be visible daily.
    • Only prescription eye glasses may be worn in school.


       Selena Deboskie

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  • Board Resolution
    Trustees approve resolution designating all schools to be as welcoming and protective as possible

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  • Student Services
    Student Services exists to help students acquire experiences that will motivate them to make responsible decisions, seek positive opportunities for growth and learning, and envision a future that includes higher education and a fulfilling career.
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  • Resources for Homeless Students
    Community Resources for Homeless children, families and youths in the greater Dallas Area
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  • Dallas ISD Parent Portal Parent Portal
    If you are already a registered user, your current username and password will continue to give you access to the Parent Portal.
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Archer Approved Uniform
 6th grade: Top color White
Bottom color Khaki
7th grade: Top color Columbia Blue
Bottom color Khaki
8th grade: Top color Red
Bottom color Khaki
School backpack must be mesh. No cloth backpacks.
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