• Student Clubs and Activities

    Our school offers a wide variety of educational and fun clubs/activities in which our students can participate throughout the academic school year, during and after school. Many of our clubs are open to students from all grade levels, while others are grade-specific, content-focused, or interest-driven. Each club is designed to provide students with opportunities to socialize, collaborate, ignite their creativity and curiosity, and empower them to become strong leaders in their communities and future careers. Here is a list of our current clubs, followed by a slide presentation providing details about each club.  

    All Grades All Grades Middle School High School Grade-Specific


    Anime Club G.I.R.L.S. in STEM Society Cosmetology Club Gardening Club LULAC (8-12)
    Environthon Club
    Bracelet Making Club Go Girl! Empowerment Club MS Girl Scouts Club Geo Club Confidence Code Club (6th Grade Only) YDSA Club
    Chess Club Korean Movie Club My Sister's Keeper Club Great American Musicals Club
    HS Junior World Affairs Council - JWAC (8-12)
    Rock the Street, Wall Street
    Coding Club Letters for Rose Club Taylor Swift Appreciation Club HS Esports Club
    Young Leaders Strong City Club (8-12)
    VR Entrepreneurship Club Mah Jong and Mexican Train Club   HS Girl Scouts Club PALS (11-12)  
    Cultural Appreciation Club RAASA Club   Photography Club    
    Coloring Club Reading Club   Pilates Club    
    Digital Portfolio Club Self Care Club   Zine Club    
    Drawing for Relaxation Club T-Shirt Design Club        
    Fashion Design Club Traditional Chinese Art Club        
      United Paws Animal Club        
      Watercolor Club        


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  • After-School Club/Activity Schedule

After-School Clubs and Activities