• Vex IQ Robotics

    VEX IQ Competitive Robotics with out-of-school and out of city competitions.

    Lego League Robotics


    Art Club

    Art Club--A club for learning, practicing, and creating art.

    Crafts Club

    Crafts Club--Crafts Club is a fun way for students to learn about 

    making household objects into works of art. The activities are

     easy, thought-provoking, and educational.

    Technology and

    Artificial Intelligence Club

      Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Club—Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. Use the power of your own words, to create incredible art or to solve real-life problems.

    Use 3d printers and electronics to create art, robots, Linux computers, radios, and more!

    Jewelry Club

    Jewelry Club--A club for students interested in fashion trends, 

    unique styles, accessories, and creative self-expression.

    Lego Club

    Lego Club--A club to engage innovative thinkers in engineering

     design challenges.

    Little Engineers Club

    Little Engineer Club--Students to become future engineers by 

    exploring the different disciplines while also developing their 

    engineering and technology skills.


    Makerspace-A makerspace is a collaborative work space inside

    a school, library, or separate public/private facility for making,

     learning, exploring, and sharing that uses high-tech to no-tech tools.


    Photography Club


    Photography Club--Photography Club is for students who are 

    interested in learning about photography, how to use their

     camera in manual mode, how to compose a photograph, etc.

    Upcycle Club

    Upcycle Club-Upcycle club assists schools in implementing, 

    maintaining, and improving recycling programs.

    Chess Club

    The chess club develops logic and strategic thinking skills by learning the

    game of chess.

    Some out-of-school tournaments are possible.