• chess

    Mr. Delaney and Mr. Wilkins coach students to participate in competitive chess tournaments and matches on behalf of their school. Here is a description of a typical middle school chess team:

    Composition: Chess team usually consist of students who have a passion for chess and are interested in improving their skills. Team members may vary in age but are typically in grades 6 through 8. The team can include both experienced players and beginners, and they often compete in various age-appropriate divisions.

    Chess team meet regularly for practice sessions. During these sessions, team members engage in friendly matches, discuss chess strategies, and work on improving their individual and team skills. Practice is essential to prepare for upcoming tournaments and to build team cohesion.

    Competitions: The team will participate in various chess tournaments, both locally and regionally. They compete against other schools or chess clubs in organized events. Tournaments can vary in format, with options such as team-based matches and individual competitions. Winning tournaments can bring recognition and trophies to the school and team members.