Each sport will have a specific set of policies/regulations for athletes.




    Our goal with the L.V. Stockard Middle School Athletics program is to contribute to the overall educational development of the participants through the following:


    Ø To create an environment that enables students to develop the desire to succeed.

    Ø To promote responsible actions by our student athletes in all phases of their lives.

    Ø To develop and foster healthy lifetime attitudes towards teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty, and respect for self and others.

    Ø To provide all interested student athletes with opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills, and physical fitness through sports.

    Ø To foster good sportsmanship and an appropriate attitude towards winning and losing.

    Ø To develop leadership skills.

    Ø To foster a cooperative spirit and an attitude of good sportsmanship within the school community




    As a general rule, middle school Athletics is also used to prepare athletes for their high school careers. This is true for not only the particular sports offered, but also in policies and procedures. It is our goal to have athletes complying with high school policies and procedures during their middle school careers, so that they can focus solely on the sports offered at high school, rather than spend time learning policies and procedures.


    A student is not required to take part in athletics; therefore, athletics is a privilege. Consequently, when high ideals and standards are violated, the privilege can be revoked. All athletes will be expected to conduct themselves with pride and dignity. All policies and procedures are to be maintained while on campus and at all athletic events.


    The general philosophy of the L.V. Stockard Middle School Athletic Department is that we will attempt to help an individual who has made a poor decision; however, if those poor decisions are continually repeated, the welfare of the team must take priority. Coaches have the right to discipline athletes on their individual teams, but will exercise sound judgment in evaluating specific penalties. Keeping in mind the welfare of the team as well as the welfare of the individual, coaches will discipline in a consistent manner. Athletic discipline will not take the place of the consequences provided by the Code of Conduct.



    All students who are considered in “good standing” may participate in the athletics program. “Good Standing” is defined as a student currently enrolled at SMS and who is not currently on a suspension or alternative placement (e.g. alternative school). Students who receive a level II or level III referral will be considered a student not in good standing for the remainder of the school year and the athlete will be removed from the athletics program. Sharing of athletes is permitted if agreed on by both coaches involved.



    All students participating in the athletics program must have an updated physical on file with the SMS Athletic Department. A physical expires ONE YEAR after the date on which the authorized medical physician signed the physical. Physicals are required PRIOR to the tryout process for any sport. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the proper physical forms are provided to the head coach in a timely fashion.



    Athletes must be in attendance for the full day of school to be able to participate on a game night. Extenuating circumstances may be an exception to this policy if students are in attendance for a minimum of a half day, and the absence is documented by a doctor’s note.




    Equipment, which is school property, will be issued to each player and a record will be kept. It is the athlete’s responsibility to take care of his/her equipment. All equipment will remain at school unless instructed by a coach to take home. Athlete may not wear equipment home, wear another athlete’s equipment out, or leave a messy locker room. Any violation will result in disciplinary action. Stealing will not be tolerated. Any athlete caught stealing may be removed from the program for the remainder of the school year, and discipline will also be administered through the District’s Code of Conduct. Cell phones are brought to school at the student’s own risk and should be locked up at all times.




    Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs will not be tolerated at any time in our program. Punishment will be administered through the District’s Code of Conduct policies, and athletic consequences could range from conditioning to suspension from the program. Profanity will also not be tolerated in the athletic program and is subject to the penalties as stated above.




    Any concern should be brought to the attention of the correct coach in the following order:


    Athlete/Parent->Team Head Coach->Athletic Director->Assistant Principal->Principal


    All decisions made by the principal will be considered final.





    Ø Be positive with your child. Let him/her know he/she is accomplishing something simply by being part of the team - don't put him/her down.


    Ø Encourage him/her to work hard and do his/her best. Don't offer excuses if he/she is not playing. There is usually a reason for it, and the student athlete should discuss it with his/her coach.


    Ø Insist that your son/daughter follow team rules. No matter which team your child is on, players must follow the rules. Athletics is very demanding, and coaches are concerned with the player's off-the-field activities. In order to get the maximum physical and mental performance, he/she needs to follow team rules.


    Ø Insist on good grades. Monitor your child’s homework. If he/she does not have passing grades, he/she does not play.


    Ø Be positive toward all involved (players & coaches) in the program. Young athletes are very impressionable, and, as such, parents should be careful of the behaviors they model. Remember that every player has an important role on the team. Please avoid voicing dissatisfaction with coaches, as this could influence your athlete’s respect for and willingness to play for that coach. Teach your athlete to be a problem-solver, not a complainer.


    Ø Be a good fan in the stands. As a fan, you are entitled to support your team. Please remain positive toward the opponent, all coaches, and all players. The coaches work with the players and know the talent and the abilities of each player well. Please trust their judgment, and respect their coaching knowledge and experience. Parents can be removed and restricted from attending events because of poor sportsmanship.


    Ø Insist on your child’s respect for team rules, school rules, game officials and sportsmanship. Not only do athletes represent themselves and their families, but they also represent L.V. Stockard Middle School, Dallas ISD, and the city of Dallas. We expect each athlete to conduct himself in an appropriate manner at all times.


    Ø Encourage your child to improve his/her self-image by believing in himself/herself. Every person has worth and value. Tell your child he/she is only limited to the degree that he/she limits him/herself. Refrain from comparing your child with family members who played previously, or with other players on the team.


    Ø Encourage your child to play for the love of the game. Insist on unselfishness. Usually, good things happen to unselfish and hard-working people. Enjoy your child and his/her play!


    Time flies by quickly as your child goes through middle school and high school. Make the most of each game…. If he/she has a good game – GREAT, if he/she has a poor game – the sun will rise the next day.




    Ø Attend clinics and conferences for professional growth.

    Ø Be on time to all meetings.

    Ø Dress appropriately for meetings, school. practice, and games.

    Ø Be prepared with note pad and pen for all meetings.

    Ø Be positive and speak positive of the athletic program.

    Ø Follow the proper chain of command.

    Ø Attend school activities.

    Ø Be on your best behavior when addressing administrators and secretaries.

    Ø Cooperate with the school faculty.

    Ø Have parent meetings before the start of your season.

    Ø Review good conduct and sportsmanship daily with your team.

    Ø Be consistent with discipline and athletic awards.

    Ø Establish long-range goals.

    Ø Be prepared with daily workout plans.

    Ø Instruct athletes on game day procedures.

    Ø Carry emergency cards at all times/Have an emergency plan.

    Ø Care for injured athletes/Follow up with parents and trainers.

    Ø Work with officials and control your actions.

    Ø Report all incidents to proper individuals immediately.

    Ø Take care of equipment.

    Ø Complete pre-season and post-season inventory lists and submit them to the Athletic Coordinator.




    ü Must be held daily

    ü Must keep daily attendance, liability issues

    ü Coaches must be at practice before athletes. Athletes are not to be left unattended under any circumstances.

    ü No more than1 managerper sport and they must stay with team at all times, no wondering halls, etc. Keep in mind    these should be students who want to help program not just sit around and socialize.

    ü Must have a practice plan in place and apply it on a daily basis.

    ü Ensure that all doors front and back have been secured before and after practice (back doors of both boys and girls locker rooms). It is the responsibility of all coaches to leave last and enter first.

    ü At least one coach must remain at school untilALLathletes have been picked up (practice and games).

    ü It is the responsibility of ALL coaches to maintain a neat and orderly facility.

    ü Report all incidents to proper individuals immediately. (injuries, etc)



    ü Athletes must report to their assigned coach immediately following the last period of the school day.

    ü Coaches are responsible for having all equipment needed for games.

    ü Athletes are required to ride the bus to and from the game with designated team and coaches.

    ü All coaches are expected to follow the proper chain of command if any problems should arise at any time.

    ü Head coaches are to complete and send the required paperwork (participation reports, etc) by 12:00pm the day following the game.
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