• Parent/Guardian Involvement

    We invite you to become involved in our school community. 


    Our PTA meets monthly. The First Monday of the month when school is in session. Check school calendars for dates. 

    PTA Board

    Will be announced soon!



    HME Volunteer Center

    You'll find the Highland Meadows Elementary Volunteer Center set up in our school. HME staff members drop off all kinds of jobs for volunteers to complete either at school or at home.  Working in the Volunteer Center is a great way to become involved in our school. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ms. Ana Perez, Parent Instructor, at 972 502 5226. 
    Ms. Ana Perez
    Community-Parent Liaison

    Site-Based Decision-Making Committee

    This committee is made up of staff members, parents, and community members, and focuses on planning and making decisions that lead to improving the performance of all students. The ultimate purpose is to attain the state's educational goals of equity and excellence in achievement.  

    Parent Education Programs

     Parent Workshops

    Our counselors plan and provide workshops on a variety of topics.  Please see the school calendar and weekly newsletter for dates and topics.