• Office of Emergency Management 

    A Division of the Dallas ISD Police Department

    Our Goal and Purpose

    The Dallas Independent School District's Emergency Management Department helps campuses prevent, plan for, and when necessary, respond effectively to emergency situations. Student and staff safety is the foremost priority of this department.

    Our goal is to ensure that all stakeholders maintain a high level of confidence and trust in the district's ability to keep children and school staff safe and secure. We will act to earn that confidence by conducting ongoing campus visits, audits, training, monitoring drills, and providing technical assistance to schools. Through these actions, we aim to establish and create a premier urban school district distinguished by its ability to provide a safe and secure environment for all its students and staff.


    Are You Prepared?


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    Five Phases of Emergency Management

    • Prevention focuses on the creation of plans, training, and exercises to prepare our organization for disasters and unforeseen situations.
    • Mitigation allows us to reduce the loss of life and physical assets to lessen the impact these incidents have on our community and locations.
    • Preparedness encompasses activities such as planning, staff training, performing exercises, and assessing performances at both real and drill incidents.
    • Response is how we respond to the problems and challenges that disaster brings, which can include staffing issues, supplies, and unforeseen complications. 
    • Recovery focuses on restoring critical functions to impacted locations, stabilizing their services and helping organizations return to a normal phase as soon as possible.


    Contact Us

    2500 S. Ervay St.
    Dallas, TX 75215
    (972) 749-2410 main
    (972) 749-2401 fax


    Our Staff

    Graham "Otto" Swenson
    Emergency Management Lead Manager
    (972) 841-5855 cell
    (972) 749-2356

    David Garcia
    Emergency Management Coordinator
    (469) 853-4640 cell

    Tomeka Staten
    Emergency Management Coordinator
    (972) 749-2488 office
    Steven Peggs
    Emergency Management Coordinator  
    (214) 608-3305 cell
    Cindy Triplett
    Emergency Management Coordinator
    (469) 261-7367 cell
    Josh Williams
    Emergency Management Coordinator  
    (469) 418-2419 cell
    Colin Willingham
    Emergency Management Coordinator
    (214) 784-9482 cell