Student Transfers

  • Students in kindergarten through 12th grade who reside in Dallas ISD may transfer from their assigned school to another school in Dallas ISD, provided space is available in the requested school and a student transfer application is completed and approved.

    The online application system is closed for the summer. Please check back in August.

    Student Transfer Office
    Office: (972) 749-5720



    Important Notice To Parent:

    • Transportation is not provided by the district for transfers.
    • In approving transfers, the principal shall consider availability of space and instructional staff, academic records, disciplinary history, and attendance records.
    • A new application for a transfer must be filed each time a student requests to move to a different campus.
    • Once a transfer is approved at a specific campus, the student may remain at that campus for the duration of grades accommodated at the campus.
    • Students who are approved and do not enroll at the school or choose to withdraw from the campus will have their transfer permissions withdrawn.
    • Campus administrators will review academic, attendance, and discipline records each year to determine if a student will be allowed to remain at the campus the following year.
    • A transfer may not be revoked during the school year for which the transfer is approved.
    • The transfer permission may be revoked at the end of the school year due to academic performance, attendance and/or behavior.
    • If there is a concern that would justify a revocation for the following year, the campus will notify the parent in January, to allow the student time to correct the situation.
    • The parent will be officially notified in April, if the situation has not been rectified and the transfer is being revoked.
    • A transfer may also be revoked if an anticipated influx of students within the attendance zone will create overcrowding of the campus. Notification of these situations will be made during April.
    • Below are required transfer expectations-

    Students Expectations:

    • Follow school rules
    • Attend school regularly
    • Maintain passing grades
    • Uphold appropriate behavior
    • Participate in school

    Parents Expectations:

    • Support the student’s academic efforts
    • Support the student’s good behavior
    • Ensure the student is on time for school
    • Ensure the student is ready for school
    • Be supportive of the campus
    More Information

    In-District Transfer


    Students in grades K-12 who reside in Dallas ISD may request a transfer to another Dallas ISD school.

    1. Apply online by the deadline of March 31.
    2. The requested campus will review application and a decision will be emailed.
    3. If approved, enroll at accepting school.
    Important Notice: If not approved, see below for available appeal option.
    • NO APPEALS if the application was submitted after deadline.
    • NO APPEALS for decisions based on limited space availability at the requested campus in addition to student’s grades, attendance, and conduct.
    • Appealing gives parents an opportunity to present to an appeal committee, but does not guarantee the decision will change.
    • Parent must email their appeal request to by April 21, 2017.
    • Appeal hearings will begin in May until the month of June.
    • The Student Transfer Office will schedule date, time, and location of the appeal hearing.
    • The hearing will be held as scheduled and a decision will be determined even if the parent cannot be located or does not attend the appeal.
    • The parent will be notified of the appeal committee’s final decision at the hearing and/or by email.

    Out of District



    Students in grades K to 12th who reside in another school district may request a transfer to a Dallas ISD.

    • Parent is employed by Dallas ISD.
    • Grandparent resides in Dallas ISD and provides after-school care for student.
    • Child of an employee of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD).
    • Student accepted in Dallas ISD’s Magnet Program or School Choice.
    • Student requesting a regular transfer
    1. Apply Online. (or print and submit pdf to school Out of District Transfer Form)
    2. The requested campus will review application and a decision will be emailed.
    3. If approved, enroll in the receiving school.

    Decisions on Out of District Transfers are final. There are no appeals.

    Important Notice To Parent: Transportation is NOT provided by the district forTransfers. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent.