Minority & Women Business Enterprise

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the M/WBE Program and how can it help me?
    A: The M/WBE (Minority / Women Business Enterprise) Program was established to assist minority and women-owned business with pursuing DISD business opportunities. The M/WBE Department provides:

    • Information regarding various M/WBE certifications
    • Marketing your firm's products or services to DISD staff
    • Training seminars, workshops and business net workers
    • Resolutions regarding M/WBE compliance issues
    • Contract compliance, monitoring, and M/WBE reporting

    Q: What type of firm qualifies as a M/WBE?
    A: A business which is 51%, owned and controlled by minority groups or women. Minority groups are African American, Hispanic American, Asian American and Native American owned businesses. All other American women not included in the above groups are eligible for WBE certification.

    Q: Do I have to be certified as an M/WBE to do business with the district?
    A: No, certification is not a requirement to do business with the district. However, certification can be advantageous to your business. We strongly recommend M/WBE certification(s).

    Q: What certification(s) does the district recognize?
    A: DISD recognizes the following certifications:

    • North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA)
    • State of Texas's Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)
    • Small Business Administration (SBA) 8a and SDB
    • Department of Transportation (DOT)
    • South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA)
    • D/FW Minority Business Development Council
    • National Minority Supplier Development Council
    • City of Houston
    • Corpus Christi Transit Authority
    • Other Certifications may be considered on the individual basis

    Q: If I am certified with the state or another jurisdiction, do I still need to be registered with the Dallas Independent School District?
    A: Yes, there is no reciprocity agreement between DISD and other jurisdictions. Therefore, you should register with the Dallas Independent School District.

    Q: What can M/WBEs do to increase their participation in the bidding process?
    A: These simple steps can increase your opportunities with the DISD.

    • Become certified
    • Attend pre-bid conferences, seminars, workshops sponsored by DISD
    • Establish and maintain contacts and relationships with prime contractors for potential business
    • Respond promptly to solicitation requests
    • Maintain open communication with the DISD, and notify appropriate departments regarding any changes in your address, telephone number, or scope of work or service offered by your firm

    Q: How can I find out about the district's upcoming business opportunities?
    A: The district publicizes its business opportunities using various advertising methods.

    • Bond Opportunities: www.dallasisd.org/bondop 
    • Supplier Opportunities: www.dallasisd.org/supplierop
    • Local Newspapers
    • Chambers of Commerce and Technical Assistance Centers

    Q: How long is the set-up process for a new vendor?
    A: iSupplier registration www.dallasisd.org/isupplier.  The process normally takes 72 hours. 

    Q: How do I learn about how frequently a bid is released for my specific products/services?
    A: Contact the buyer for the products/services you want to offer.

    Q: How do I determine what the district paid for a previous bid?
    A: Public Information Requests (1) Online; (2) Email: PublicInfoRequest@dallasisd.org; (3) In Person: 9400 N. Central Expressway, Ste. 1675, Dallas, TX 75231; or (4) Fax: 972.925.3230

    Q: Who should complete the M/WBE Compliance Guidelines and Forms?
    A: The prime contractor is responsible for completing this document. For specific questions, contact the M/WBE Department at (972)-925-4140.

    Q: How much bond/insurance and what type of liability insurance do I need?
    A: Contact Contract Services at (972)-925-4100.

    Q: Whom do I need to contact to market my products/services to the district?
    A: The M/WBE Outreach Coordinator and the respective buyer should be contacted. You may contact the M/WBE Department at (972)-925-4140.

    Q: Does the District offer any financial assistance to companies that are awarded contracts?
    A: Presently, there is no policy in place to provide financial assistance to suppliers.

    Q: What kinds of products/services does the district purchase?
    A: The district purchases a variety of products and services. You may contact the M/WBE Department for a complete list of commodity codes.

    Q: Is M/WBE a government set-aside program? Does it take business away from majority-owned business?
    A: No, the district does not have a set-aside program, but actively seek opportunities to utilize M/WBEs.

    Q: What is the purpose of an Availability & Disparity Study (A&D)?

    A: The A&D Study provides a legal foundation for race-based preference programs, such as the district's M/WBE Program. In accordance with the Supreme Court's ruling under the City of Richmond v. J.A. Croson, 48 U.S. 469, M/WBE Programs are highly commendable for their efforts to increase M/WBE utilization. However, they must be implemented in a constitutional manner. The A&D Study will provide the foundation for a "legally defensible" M/WBE Program.